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BitrateViewer for Mac is Copyright © 2016 by FutureNow Konran Consulting, Konran Udo Gerber.

This program is based on libav/FFmpeg which is licensed under LGPL 2.1 and embedded with homebrew built dynamic libraries on Mac.
The source code of the libav/FFmpeg project package is Copyright © 2001 by Fabrice Bellard.

Lowlevel C++ wrapper classes part of AvLib package for libav/FFmpeg are Copyright © 2008 by Thomas Rehaag.

Thanks to Matthew Stevens, Ruotger Skupin, Apple, Alessandro Segala for internal stuff, who own original Copyright 2010-2011
- now made suitable for the current architecture and Apple API's.

For questions, feedback, any suggestions, etc. please send an e-mail to: