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In the file menu you will find everything that has to do with file handling and printing support. These are the file menu entries:

Menu "Tools"

Drag & Drop

You can drag and drop selected files from Finder onto a running BitrateViewer's histograph output window so that the tool will open your dropped file(s) in the main window of the program. Please note, that the current release is a single window application. As a conclusion to this, only the first file of a multi-selection will be opened. We are working on a transition of the application into a multi-window application so that you will be able to open multiple files in separate windows in the future.

File load progress bar

BitrateViewer - 22% video data processed

While loading a video file you'll see a load progress bar at the bottom of the viewer window. The screenshot on the right side points out a situation, where the pre-load estimated frame count doesn't match the amount of file size in progress. The percent value shown on the window bar is based on the frames read vs. frame count estimated and the progress status bar on the bottom is based on percentage of the file size already read vs. total file size. The example here is taken from a demuxed VOB file that has only GOP timecode because it's an elementary stream now ... and the original file was cut-edited with a raw MPEG editor, so the timecode stamps in the file are not correct which leads to a wrong frame count estimation. The last GOP timecode is of about 12 minutes and the real frame count makes up only 3 minutes.
Experimentally a cross check of the estimated frame count (for GOP timecode analyzed files) against the file size and current file position read is done which should avoid the shown effect of this screenshot. Therefore the preview of a file loaded should be more in sync to the final view when the file is fully analyzed. A feedback to this behaviour is kindly appreciated and requested.