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Most of the features and commands implemented in the BitrateViewer for Mac which are using a mouse gesture or a shortcut key have also an entry into one of the application's menus as a track back. There are four menus of interest to access specific features or commands:

Application Menu

This is the general menu of the application. The menu's name is »BitrateViewer«. It is the standard location to access e.g. application quit and preferences and other superior functions.
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File Menu

The file menu covers everything that is concerned with file handling (open, close, export). It also is the location where printing support has its domicile.
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View Menu

The view menu is the location where you'll find all direct functions and commands, that are related to manipulations of the histrographic content window.
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Tools Menu

Last but not least the tools menu covers everything else not mentioned before. All commands and features, which are application specific and do not belong to any of the other categories will be found in this menu (analysis mode switching, scaling, etc.).
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