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Apps for Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air,
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My name is Konran Udo Gerber. I've spent about 30 years making experience with IT stuff. Most time of that I developed client/server solutions embedded in Unix derived systems and made applications for Windows computers as well. Especially concerning the Windows environment the authoritative basis was the C++ programming language. The idea to develop also something for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or even for the Mac I had initially rejected. The leading programming language used in this environment is Objective-C. I would have got used to it, but that was a barrier I was not willing to take.

Well, sometime it is the first time as always ... in 2011 it finally happened: I introduced myself into Objective-C and meanwhile there are four apps of my own, that have made it into the AppStore. And btw. it was indeed exciting for me to determine how much power lies within the development tools and operating system libraries that Apple makes available for development of apps. In the beginning of the year 2013, development of my first app for the Mac desktop started, but I had to set a break until the beginning of 2016, based on project technical reasons. Nevertheless, this break was very productive, since I was able to enforce my experience developing of OS X applications to a quite useful level within the project work for RTL Mediagroup Germany (a well-known German broadcasting company). My first own OS X app is finally ready to use since summer 2016.

The first desktop app for Mac Pro & family of my own that is available in the AppStore since Aug 2016 is called »BitrateViewer«. This app is a program for analyzing video files. It is an adaption of the highly successful Windows tool of the same name that is already in use by millions of users since 2008.
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