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»BitrateViewer« is the adaption to OS X of the equally named Microsoft Windows™ tool, which is already in use by millions of users since 2008 1). The new »BitrateViewer« for Mac (and its desktop family) is an analysis tool for video files. It records the bitrate changes over the video's duration in a histogram to allow an assessment of the responsible video encoder.

There are four algorithms available for weighting the bitrate curve:

  • seconds, default setting
  • GOP (Group Of Pictures), enhanced mode (see manual for details)
  • GOP (Group Of Pictures), Standardmodus mit fester GOP-Länge
  • frames, not weighted, measured values for each individual frame

The following video codecs may be processed, among others:

  • H.265 / MPEG-H Part 2 ➙ HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding)
  • H.264 / MPEG-4 ➙ AVC (Advanced Video Coding)
  • H.262 / MPEG-2 (➙ native library support available)
  • MPEG-1 (➙ native library support available)
  • DivX (DX50)
  • Xvid

These video container formats have been tested:

  • MPEG ES (elementary stream, no container at all; .m2v, .mpg and .mpeg files)
  • MPEG PS (program stream; .mpg and .mpeg files)
  • MPEG TS (transport stream, used by broadcasting services; .ts files)
  • MPEG M2TS (transport stream with packed metadata as in Blu-ray data folders)
  • MPEG VOB (video object block files, seen in DVD data folders; .vob files)
  • MKV (Matroska .mkv files)
  • MOV (Apple QuickTime format; .mov files)
  • AVI (a commonly used Windows format; .avi files)
  • WMV (Windows Media Video; .wmv files)
  • MXF (Material Exchange Format; .mxf files ➙ Warning: only partial supported here!)

Just as the original Microsoft Windows program, »BitrateViewer« for Mac is also exclusively available in English language.

For those of you who'd like to have a glimpse to the features of the program with many screenshots included:
BitrateViewer manual (English)

Link to this app in AppStore:

1) Reference links for the original Windows™ program:
- Official homepage of the Microsoft Windows™ BitrateViewer
- commented download web page

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